The Abortion Ministry of Dr. Willie Parker

"The last thing I want to say is a lot of times when you come, there might be protesters. There are people that are going to be telling you that what you’re doing is wrong. It’s immoral. That you can’t be a Christian. That you’re going to hell. And a lot of women that bothers. Because there are women here who also have a religious belief, who also feel like they’re Christians…. 

"I see women who are crying because they are Christians," he continues, "and they are torn up by the fact that they don’t believe in abortion but they’re about to have one. What I tell them is that doesn’t make you a hypocrite. You can never say what you will do until you’re in the situation, and Christians get in jacked-up situations, too….

"And I address this because if those people are getting inside your head and you’re feeling conflicted, if you are not comfortable with what you’re doing, you may be processing this far longer than you need to. There’s nothing immoral about taking care of your health. There’s nothing immoral about making the decision to not become a parent before you want to become one. There’s more than one way to understand religion and spirituality and God. I do have belief in God. That’s why I do this work. My belief in God tells me that the most important thing you can do for another human being is help them in their time of need."

Read this article. Read it and share it. It is so important. 

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That’s a very cynical manipulation of the reality that the abortion rate is higher in the African-American and Latino communities because their unplanned pregnancy rates are higher and the availability of modern contraception is lower.

And in the same breath of feigning concern about black women and black babies, abortion opponents are limiting access to contraception and defunding health care and child care programs, and all the other things that would be even more necessary if more of the unplanned, unwanted pregnancies were carried to term


Dr. Willie J. Parker, an OB/GYN on the anti-choice faux concern about PoC abortions.

Why I Perform Abortions

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  • cishet anon: i am a queersexual transgendered and im here to say you are very rude to straight people. they are amazing and only try to help you - erm, i mean us, us! hating on The Cisnormal and Heteronormal people is heterophobic and homosexist. i am a 100% legit gaysexual saying this so if you don't do as i say you're being a homophone
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    Important reminder: Everyone on the internet is a real person.

    Go read this. It’s really important.

    Be kind to one another.

    so important

    says buzzfeed and mtv that have made money off making memes of black women


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    is anything more exhausting than a white man with opinions

    "devil’s advocate" white men who don’t actually have any solid opinions on anything but also don’t let that fact stop them from never shutting the fuck up

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    33 Cupcake Recipes

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    my favorite thing about england is that the word pulp doesnt exist 


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    I haven’t watched any K-Drama since the end of “God’s Gift: 14 Days.” I haven’t even watched the final episode and it’s been almost three months since it ended because I was that upset by it. lol… Anyway, I am going to give “It’s Okay, That’s Love” a chance. I hope it treats me well. I’m only 15 minutes in and it’s already looking pretty promising. :)

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