This is not your right.


trigger warning: sexual assault and manipulation. 


This will not be easy for me to say and I would normally not talk about things like this on Tumblr or anywhere else as public under normal circumstances, but the issue is very serious, it is becoming increasingly dangerous and increasingly apparent that no effort has been put forth by this person to even acknowledge their predatory behavior, let alone make amends for it. I have been made aware of several separate situations in several different states in which someone that has a fan base of sorts on this site and the trust and respect those people had for this person was betrayed in the worst ways I can imagine and I hope that you will understand what I’m saying, my reasons for saying it and the importance of accountability even when holding someone (even your best friend) accountable is one of the most difficult things you can do.
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I definitely did not see this coming… I actually unfollowed Tommy and Paul for ‘x’ reasons, but bumped into this post as I do follow a couple of other people who just so happen to be vegans, and I have to reblog this. It is my responisbility as someone who may have reblogged Paul (the person who this post is about) which may have caused some of my followers to click and interact with said person. I also live in California, and if those rumours that he may be contacting people here are true, I’ll do my absolute fucking best to spread the word. You disgust me, Paul. I can’t believe you’ve stooped so low and violated another persons’ trust in such a way, and I can’t believe I used to respect some of your opinions. I hope you can rest with the idea that you’ve betrayed so many of us, and I hope you realise the absolute grave mistakes you’ve made and do what is in your power to correct them. Until then, go fuck yourself.
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    Woooow, i can’t believe this is someone i talked to and admired, what a fucking scum bag.
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    people suck
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    Trigger warnings for assault/rape. This needs to be passed around, though. Lots of respect for this post. I know it was...
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    I know a lot of my followers also followed Paul, fuck I mean I was even friends with him on facebook. You never know who...
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    I wish I knew what this guy looked like and knew if he was still in Richmond.
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    By the fucking way if you have the nerve to step foot in California I will not hesitate to post pictures of your face...
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    Thank you for taking the time to write this. Everyone should read this because it’s important to be aware of situations...
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    Thank you for speaking out and taking action. Thank you for acknowledging your flawed thinking and having the courage to...
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